Nothing like family bonding in a mouldy van!

About 15 years ago I took my 2 kids for a weekend away at Munna Point.

Yes we lived in Brisbane at the time.

Yes I booked a caravan over the phone.

Yes we were excited about our weekend away.

I was expecting see a fancy caravan complete with annexe beside a lazy beach.

What we got was a pokey, vintage caravan complete with a mouldy smelly annexe! Nope. Make that ‘stinky’….

I remember taking a photo of my son sitting on the bottom bunk his neck craned at a 90 degree angle.  We laughed about our ‘posh’ weekend away and we were still laughing about it years later.

In fact, I got good mileage from that weekend away. Such as ‘if you don’t BE-HAVE ….I’ll take you back to Munna point’ or ‘you pull your head in young lady or we’re going back to that caravan at munna point!’

Well, I’m happy to say, all these years later, Munna Point has changed.

Gone are the old (very old) caravans. Looks like it’s had a face lift!

TOP 5 TIPS for Parents.

I want to write a post about … the empty nest….& the common mistakes we make as parents.

When my son left home it was kinda okay because I still had my daughter…. but when SHE left (at  14) I grieved for the next year (at least) and still I admit to having mothering pangs (she left too soon, my mothering’s NOT OVER YET! i didn’t fulfil my motherly obligation) yarda yarda…. Most of these thoughts simply cause me immense distress and do not help me to feel HAPPY and FULFILLED which is how I choose to feel these days. 

Those of you that do not have children please do not tell me cute quotes or simple remedies … I don’t want to hear from you or hear your wise damn advise…. 

Of course there’s an upside to when your kids leave home and it’s this.

 You can begin to find YOURSELF again! YES ! High Five yourself. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

Yay, after 20 odd years of caring for other’s I can finally get back to caring for MOI ! An odd sort of freedom that I did enjoy PRE children and I’m learning to enjoy again NOW…At first you will feel out of sorts, kind of lost… (oh gee, it’s tuesday – it should be basketball training….)

And now….Here’s  a few pointers that I’d like to well, point out….. for those whom like me, made a big hoo hah on every achievement their kids ever did. (wow! they made dinner tonight! WOW, they cleaned their rooms…WOW they got (gloat) ANOTHER “A” plus, or were picked for the (ahem) WINNING basketball team….. or…. WOW they helped an old lady cross the road )…..

1. Your children (ahum) are NOT your life. Don’t make the mistake I did. I orbited around my kids and tried to BE there for EVERYTHING….. I did this at my own expense. HEY I wanted to, don’t get me wrong, I loved my kids to bits. BUT hindsight is a wondrous teacher, and I wish I’d put as much energy into MY LIFE as I did THEIRS!

2. I admit, I was a little too protective of them, (but hey, they were my darlings)…. it’s easy to fall into this trap and bloody hard to escape from! Kids need to fall on their own resources sometimes. Stop trying to make everything PERFECT! Because the fact is they may well pull away from you to experience some of the less perfect aspects of life. Be ready for this one.

3. Teach your kids to fit in with YOUR life. As no 2 pointer above reads…. 

4. Don’t take the rap for your kids mistakes. Honestly, this is a tempting thing to do but doesn’t teach em responsibility. 

5. Teach your kids good manners and teach them to look after other people less fortunate. This will give them some understanding of how the other half lives. IN fact, given my time over again, I’d donate every second Xmas with my kids into some half way house or the Salvation Army Xmas Day ‘lets feed the homeless’ to teach them this lesson. 

Kids are great. They enrich your life. But they will leave you as they should. 


Tina my dog

It’s because my sister’s just got another dog that’s made me think about my little Tina.

She was a aussie terrier and a great little girl! My daughter picked her out from the pet shop when she was just a few weeks old and quickly renamed her from Frances to Tina (after daughters basketball coach)… Little tina lived with our family for the next 8 years until I had to rehouse her (which yes, broke my heart). At the time though it was a little miracle that I found a loving home for her and one of those ‘syncronicities’ that we often hear about. I had left Tina with a friend for the weekend and my friend took her to a dog beach. There, a lady approached them and they got chatting. Turned out this lady was looking for a dog… just like Tina. When I had to sign the papers (got it was like signing over a baby I was so upset) the lady said to me lovingly ‘you have given me a reason to live again – I love tina!’

With all her chicken farts (the vet told me to feed her cooked chicken – ok? It wasn’t her fault she had a problem with her pancreas)….. her cuddling me up on the bed every night, our games of chasey around the house (she actually knew how to play this!), the way she’d curl up at my feet when ever I was on the computer and grin like a cheshire cat when I’d come home.

My little Tina is sorely missed. xox

Rainforest Hideaway…

IMG_1831It’s funny how the Universe works.

I returned from a few weeks away, wasn’t sure where I was going to end up staying or even where I wanted to live. and within a couple of days and quite suddenly all these things happened…. like dominoes falling into place

1. A cabin in a rainforest garden suddenly became available, 10 minutes from Noosa!

2. I met Justine Crowley a writer for Weekend Notes who said ‘you can be a writer too!’

3. An old friend re-appeared in my life and introduced me to a couple who have recently moved to Noosa, so I have new friends!

And so, I have decided to stay where I am for now, take a punt and get writing more seriously. I’ve been saying for ages ‘all I want to do is write’ so now I have that opportunity! Get going woman! haha